Monday, December 24, 2012

Status of Bahrain Prisons

AlArabiya tv channel & its rags-to-riches reporter Moh’d AlArab has shown a documentary describing Bahrain prisons better than the “Hilton”

Even lying has limits. 4 have died in Bahrain prisons in 2 months. Young people leave with grey hair & healthy ones become sick

Stories recited by released prisoners are painful. I’ve been told that people from Balushistan have more mercy than Bahrainis & Arabs

1. A 22yo prisoner told me he was detained to falsely testify against another villager. He was beaten & denied any food for 2 days

2. He was beaten & starved by 2 officers of similar age. When they left, a Baluchi gave him a sandwich & asked him to eat it quickly

Who would’ve believed the mercenaries would be more merciful than our fellow Bahrainis who were transformed into beasts by sectarianism 

From my perspective, the worst victims are not the martyrs but those prisoners who live under the mercy of vicious torturers

Bahrain prisons: poor medical care, deteriorating health of activists, bad food, inhumane treatment, & no prisoner rights

What proves their lies about prison status is that sudden visits to prisons take place worldwide but in Bahrain, it needs months to arrange

If we weren’t moved by dignity nor jealousy for our homeland, the daily injustice suffered by prisoners should fuel our revolution