Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Session about Bahrain in the House of Lords

The Bahrain session in UK House of Lords: 2 videos were shown, very good participation, & was covered by 6 channels. It's cost was £20

Bahrain regime questions the opposition's finances although it spends millions on trivial events 

£20 was the cost of printing pictures. Thanks to @SaeedShehabi for his good organization

I don't think that Bahrain regime, with its full potential, is capable of organizing such an event   

The event took an ample space in news channels' coverage due to what has been presented

Walls of the House of Lords shook when Ali Mushaima talked about his dad, a cancer patient who is dying slowly in Bahrain prison

With an enthusiasm of a 20yo @SaeedShehabi talked about Bahrain & the pain of its people. He encouraged celebrating Bahrain martyrs' day

@JalalFairooz & Hussain Abdulla talked about #Bahrain regime's decision to strip their nationality & its disrespect to international obligations

I talked about British support & training provided to military forces in Bahrain & asked parliament for government accountability in that matter

Sister of martyr Ahmed Ismail talked via Skype. Compassion to our faithful martyrs & victory for our rebels

This £20 event celebrated Bahrain martyrs' day. How much did the embassy's national day ceremony cost?
@LameesDhaif smiling jubilantly after the event in front of the House of Lords

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